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November 14, 2016
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SummitSocial.co is Open for Business!

SummitSocial.co is now open for business and ready to help Frankfort’s businesses with their websites, social media, and email marketing!

Recently, the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Frankfort , and members of the community celebrated with a ribbon cutting to open SummitSocial.co and welcome us to the business community of Frankfort.


“I want to help businesses succeed by telling their story online through developing a professional website, create a comprehensive social media marketing plan, and communicate directly through email marketing” said Jonathan Gaby, Founder.

Your business has a story to tell and an opportunity to connect with customers, buyers, and potential customers. Many businesses still don’t have a professional website, can use a social media overhaul, and to create a solid and effective email marketing strategy.

“Businesses excel at serving their customers whether it’s in outdoor adventure, wine and bourbon sales, baked goods, woodworking, book sales, dance instruction, legal practice, or other product or service. These businesses should focus on their strengths to improve their bottom line. SummitSocial.co’s strength in online communications will help you in your business”

SummitSocial.co is excited to be the first Entrepreviewer in the Capitol City of Frankfort and intends to use this program to help others. We are grateful for the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Frankfort, Inc., Kentucky Capital Development Corp, Howard Law Group, PLLC, Dunn and Son, LLC (McClure Building) and the City of Frankfort and Franklin County.

SummitSocial.co is the first Entrepreviewer in Frankfort. The Entrepreviewer Program is a single business incubator.

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